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Where's Frank* gone?

One of our dealers recently received a call from a concerned son regarding his father who was cooped up in his nursing home all of this time. "Mate, he won't come out and it's terrible, he's just sitting there and slowly disappearing, can you do anything?"

Not one to shy away from a challenge, our fearless dealer said no problem; "One other thing" said the son. "He also suffers a little from incontinence and won't speak to anyone about it. Any chance you can have a word?" Not exactly our guys area of expertise but off to the nursing home he went nevertheless.

After a chat with Frank our dealer realised this would take a little more work to get him out and about. "How long since you've had a beer Frank?"; "Do you enjoy a quiet beer Frank?"; "You could get out to the pub Frank." With the deal sealed, he moved on to a touchier subject... Handled with equal diplomacy with our dealer explaining how easy it would be to solved and get on living life.

Franks shiney new Eureka Scoota was delivered and he got straight out and about. A short scoot to his local Frank pulled in just as a friendly group of young tradies arrived; "You fella's don't mind if I join you?", no problem they replied! "So" said Frank, "do the old rules still apply to shouts?" They all looked at each other, what rules would those be? Frank explained, "Every time someone needs to visit the bathroom they buy the next round." They smiled at each other, weighed up Frank and replied why not.

Our dealer was also enjoying his Friday night, a quiet one at home. The phone rang and it was the nursing home frantic that Frank was nowhere to be seen and it was 9 o'clock, did he have any idea where Frank might be? "Where's your local, that's where he'll be." Sure enough, as staffed rushed through the busy pub doors there was Frank perched on his Eureka Scoota holding court. In front of him was a confused bunch of tradies all a bit under the weather.

Frank scooted back home and now has a very strict 6:30pm curfew. *Names have been changed to protect Frank's reputation at his local.

From Stuart in Rose Hill

Wow! The Jive scoota has given me a whole new lease on life. For someone like me who is older, no longer driving and get breathless walking, this scoota is a Godsend.

I can now go shopping or visiting friends without having to stop every now and then to get my breath back. All of us oldies should have one. Thanks Eureka Scoota, you've made my life much easier.

From Margaret in Carrum Downs

As a Eureka Scoota user of some years, I would like to express my gratitude to the company for the quality and endurance of the scootas. As is usually the case with scoota users, I have medical problems that make my scoota my lifeline. I live in a small town and most of my non-grocery shopping is done in a larger town nearby. The distance is one hour of travel (10km) on footpaths and due to the power of my batteries, which are standard, I can do my shopping and still be able to ride home again. I also use my scoota to travel to the railway station, take a train also on my scoota and visit hospitals, doctors, the zoo and family, etc. around Melbourne. For re-charging, I usually do that at night and find there is little difference in the cost of my power bills.

From Hedley and Pam in Mornington

We enjoy our scootas as they give us independence because we no longer drive our car. It is surprising how far the scootas will travel before needing to be recharged. We found the scootas were the sensible way for us to go and we don't miss our car and the busy roads at all!


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